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Bo Lee has been inspired by bridal gowns since the day she designed her own wedding dress. She opened her first bridal shop, BoLee Bridal Couture, in Sunnyvale, California November 2010 while working as an Accountant and Financial Analyst for a financial institution.  BoLee Bridal Couture has since been rapidly gaining popularity among brides in the Bay Area and worldwide. Due to the success of the company, Bo eventually quit her job as a Financial Analyst in August 2017 and has dedicated her work solely to her passion in the bridal industry.


In 2020, Bo furthered her love for wedding dresses by designing her dream collection using high quality, contemporary, unique, and detailed fabrics. In January 2021, the bo lee Collection launched with sleek modern cuts to whimsical elegance. The bo lee Collection is exquisitely crafted with styles that embody the modern spirit of Bo Lee’s brides.

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